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Ye, I'm still alive

2009-05-15 11:15:08 by Silveraxe

And that prequel's still in progress.
haven't worked on it for ages though since I've mainly had a bunch of projects on another account. And even though NSMW1 has been pretty seccessful, I'm not really considering this my main anymore.
Most Mario stuff is badly overrated but sprites were my key for learning to animate and I'm pretty glad this movie has given me so much self-confidence and positive feedback.
Though I'm not really into this Mario stuff anymore, the prequel I planned will be finished but I may release it on another account (co-authoring this one) and completely get rid of the sprites since using those is just lazy and not my style anymore.
There are tons of great toons out there which actually deserve more recognation than most of the spritemovies but just get overlooked... yet, I'm pretty proud of this site since mainly the actually good stuff gets supported.
The only reason I'm gonna finish this work is because the animation is almost done anyway, mainly contains handdrawn stuff and I got lots of positive feedback from friends and other people who just loved the humor. But if you want to know your actual animation skill, producing video game based parodies is just not way to go, more like passive cheating; if there's one thing I have learned in the past year, it's that trying to get the recognation with stuff of similar quality it much harder if it is not based on an already popular content.


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2009-05-19 19:36:33

Ich kann's nicht erwarten ^^


2009-05-26 17:58:10

How about that I could make another new super mario world: the ghost house?!?!


2009-05-28 13:26:05

Oh you little party pooper you :#
When will you lift your little secret and when will come the shocking twist, which will cause terror among all the mareo fanboys -n girls?


2009-06-06 00:57:01

Well im glad your still making it, I Though you'd be like others and just stop. But you still got guts to keep going. Nice man, I would give you ideas but it seems like you already have stuff in mind. Good luck and looking forward to it.


2009-09-16 16:08:15

Hey, I kinda forgot about you and your NSMW, nice to hear from you again. Who wants to see the prequel? Hands up! All of them.

Cool stuff!


2009-12-12 13:38:32

Sweet. I remember asking you to "PLZ make one more" about two years ago. Huh. To think I was only ten years back at 2007.


2010-02-15 20:47:00

oh come on and make it. but don't rush and make it awful and i'm sorry never replied about your alpha


2011-11-16 14:31:30

why donĀ“t you make more movies ?


2016-01-27 21:22:32

Cant wait!